Meta-Coaching Module 3/3

To take this module you need to have first obtained the Neuro-Semantics and Meta-NLP* modules

(*unless you have NLP Practitioner or Master NLP Practitioner level)

The next dates are from 30th October to 6th November 2013

The Meta-Coaching Training is an accelerated coaching training system, allowing participants to experience different learning modules, and which culminates in obtaining the requisite certification to become a Meta-Coach.

Meta-Coaching is taught in an environment which gives participants all the opportunities necessary to excel as a Coach, whatever your leaning:

Executive Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Group or Team Coach, Transformational Coach, Self-Actualisation…

What does this program offer?

Meta-Coaching is very detailed and complete. It distinguishes itself from other training methods, as it integrated 7 core skills, that you will be able to use systematically with your clients. During the training, we concentrate on you as a coach, on your coaching tools to create a solid professional competence, and on your business so that you are able to create a commercially viable coaching business.

Meta-Coaching is based on the Cognitive Sciences of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) and Neuro-Semantics, as well as on the Self-Actualisation  Psychology of Maslow and Rogers. It integrates these models in an advanced approach to coaching.

Who can benefit from Meta-Coaching Training?

This training has both specific and wider applications.

Ideally, it is for:

  • novice or experienced coaches, who want to allow their clients to benefit from a pioneering and efficient form of coaching
  • people passionate about assisting individuals towards personal growth and the development of the human potential
  • CEO’s, entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople wanting efficient tools to optimise their teams’ and businesses’ performance
  • Parents and professors wanting to contribute to human developmen

You will learn pioneering techniques, in order to create interesting results for your cliens and your business. You will progress significantly in your own personal development. The Meta-Coaching Training will allow you to transform any aspect of your life; to contribute to the accomplishment of your dreams, overcome what is slowing you down whilst walking the joyous and rich path of excellence.

This eight-day training program is intense, rigorous and powerful, thought out in such a way as to make yo progress towards your self-actualisation. You will make priogress in the three following areas:

Your Authenticity as a Coach

  • you will leave the training with a keen and precise understanding of yourself and your aspirations in life;
  • your potential and abilities will be highlighted; you will discover where you can add the most value and will be able to coach with authenticity;
  • you will learn how to strike a work/life balance by learning how to integrate into it training, counseling, therapy and consultancy in a congruent manner;

Your Coaching Aptitudes and Mastery

  • You will gain credibility and confidence by delving into deep knowledge of the most advanced cognitive and behavioural coaching models, namely the Matrix Model and the Axes of Change Model.
  • The ACMV accreditation gives you full license to use the Meta-Coaching methodologies and models with clients;
  • Prioritise the development of your client base by creating a Business Plan with a simple, yet complete, organisational methodology;
  • Gain true confidence in your own professional development, which will be lasting.


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